Who We Are

Loom helps high-performance teams achieve their full potential, together.

What We Do

High-performance teams don’t struggle for lack of individual talent or effort…

They struggle because they’ve never learned to work as one, which requires three core ingredients:

A Culture of Belonging

Culture is the foundation of performance. But just because everyone gets along, doesn’t mean your culture is thriving. Elite teams cultivate a community of authentic belonging and psychological safety.

Apex Communication

Good teams communicate well when it’s easy, but stumble in times of stress or conflict. Great teams are able to communicate with clarity and confidence even in the most challenging circumstances.

Transformational Work

Your team spends too much time putting out fires and doing incremental work. The best teams dedicate time and space to do the transformational work that they can only do together.

How We Work

We build a customized approach for each team we work with.

Most include one or more of the following:

Team Effectiveness Audit

We conduct qualitative and quantitative assessments and interviews followed by a comprehensive debrief with key stakeholders detailing insights, benchmarks, and recommendations.

Workshops and Retreats

We design and facilitate customized seminars and workshops to teach key skills identified in your team effectiveness audit.

High-Potential Coaching

Intensive 1:1 coaching with PhD-level experts that challenge senior leaders to do the difficult inner work required to bring out the best in their teams—and themselves.

Community Practices

An on-going cadence of Loom-facilitated gatherings to strengthen team culture and belonging by fostering authentic dialog, team connection, and personal growth.

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Our Team

Loom is founded and operated by Peter Hirschmann and Nick Wignall.

Peter Hirschmann

Peter is an entrepreneur and community-builder who, after starting his career at Bain & Company, has since founded and built companies worth a combined $5bn.

Nick Wignall, PhD

Nick is a clinical psychologist with a background in neuropsychology, behavior change, and research methodology who trained at the University of Chicago and University of Texas.

With substantial growth on the horizon we’ve chosen to use Loom across the team to quickly build the meaningful connections that are critical to creating an environment where we can all thrive and deliver on the aggressive goals we’ve set for ourselves.



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