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We spend our lives climbing the ladders of success and ambition only to realize that meaning and purpose exist beyond titles and positions. New questions emerge which reach beyond career success. They are serious questions about your calling in life, leading your company well, and leaving a legacy for our world.

And you aren’t alone.

Leading in the post-pandemic world will be different. Employees are looking for more than salaries and benefits. They are looking for places to belong. Places where their growth is encouraged and expected. Companies that learn the art of community will have the advantage in attracting and retaining top talent.

But how?

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As a leader, how do you continue your own personal growth and development while learning to build stronger communities and healthy cultures at work? We believe that it begins when leaders like you come together in community yourselves—forging authentic connections with like-minded peers and learning the skills of community building together.

Loom, for Leaders is designed to foster personal growth through small groups while learning the needed tools to cultivate healthy communities. By selectively inviting a small group of leaders for a year-long cohort, we discover the communal power of mutual support, growth and insight.

Combining the wisdom traditions of the past with insights from modern science, we will embark on a journey to understand the foundations of community, experience it ourselves, and learn to better foster it in our own organizations.

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How Loom for Leaders Works

Our program combines an annual in-person retreat with virtual gatherings throughout the year. Expert facilitators will guide you through a year-long program designed to engage your personal story and discover a larger awareness of authentic communities and how they are built.

I didn’t expect to feel so emotionally open and vulnerable. I am usually pretty stoic and composed, but the way the group came together really allowed me to feel safe enough to fully be myself.

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In-Person Retreat

For a few days, we’ll retreat to a place of peaceful tranquility. We’ll gather with the intention of resting, growing, and experiencing community. Led by expert community builders and facilitators, our community will engage in experiential and participatory learning mixed with deeper conversations. Each day, we’ll engage with activities that enliven the spirit and gatherings that help us better connect with each other, ourselves, and our calling.

Virtual Gatherings

Our program centers on the belief that we grow most when we are in community with others. Therefore, each individual will be an integral part of a small cohort where we engage in lively conversations, debrief exercises, and support each other in our personal growth.

Our year is divided into three primary focuses:
Exploring the Tapestry of My Life; Acquiring Wisdom From the Ages; Weaving a New Future, Together

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The retreat gave me time to think
about me and what I actually want – personally and professionally. I have a sense of peace about whatever next steps I take as long as I keep my “calling” and intent grounded.

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Who is Loom for?
  1. Thoughtful and motivated executives willing to invest time in their personal growth and development as a leader.
  2. Individuals interested in learning innovative techniques and approaches to build stronger communities and healthier cultures at work.
  3. Leaders seeking to lead with more purpose, meaning and authenticity.
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  1. Senior-level executive, defined as CEO, C-suite executives and those reporting to C-suite executives (i.e., within two positions of the enterprise-wide CEO)
  2. Entrepreneur or founder of mission-driven company
  3. CEO or executive director of a non-profit organization showing significant impact within their community
What is included?

Loom for Leaders includes:

  • Year-long program filled with expert content curated for Loom
  • Facilitated small group session led by Loom facilitators
  • All-inclusive in-person retreat location (excluding travel costs)
  • Access to Loom live expert programs and courses
  • Insights from the Loom community practices which shape healthy and vibrant communities
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Application Process

If you’re interested in learning more about the Loom for Leaders program, please fill out a brief questionnaire and schedule a time to meet with a member of our team: