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“The beginning of a pandemic is a hell of a time to start a company…”

That’s how Katlyn Gao, co-founder and CEO of LOVB, a new professional women’s volleyball league, starts off her story working with Loom.

At the beginning of each month, the entire company meets over Zoom for a lively presentation and discussion of topics like “Wholeheartedness,” “Standing in Service” and “Creator-Maker.” Later in the month, everyone gathers in their “cohorts”—small groups of 5-8 people from across the company—to go deeper in sharing and reflection which ultimately fosters belonging and camaraderie across the company.


“We’ve managed to thrive over two years of remote work because we made the decision early to create space for our team to really get to know and trust each other—to build authentic relationships and community.”

What’s so valuable about Loom and the community practices is that they’ve allowed us to find a common language so that we can communicate in a healthy way, grow as a community, and hopefully, build something great together.

“What I’m learning in my career is that you get the best work from people when they feel comfortable showing up as who they are, not who they think they should be.”

One of the themes Katlyn found especially helpful was creator-maker…

Creator Maker

“What I took away from that theme was how important it is to have the freedom to make mistakes and not be so hard on myself for it. This is especially important for high performing individuals who are often perfectionists and tend to be too hard on themselves. Creator-maker gives us a common language to talk about giving ourselves some slack to have a beginner’s mind and not feel like we have to be perfect all the time.”

Practically speaking, Katlyn describes how the theme of wholeheartedness was critical in encouraging members of her team to initiate big, difficult conversations rather than avoiding them:


“The community practices have been really helpful in giving us a structure and common language for talking about and having those big conversations in a timely way.”

Reflecting on the broader impact of Loom on her company, Katlyn explained:


“We’re in the business of belonging. It’s about bringing people together through sports. But that belonging can’t happen unless we all show up truly and authentically as ourselves. Loom has really helped us take off the armor and show up for each other when we need it.”

How Loom, for Organizations Works

Savvy leaders like Katlyn know that the companies most likely to thrive in the 21st century are the ones who invest in people and community first. To that end, Loom helps forward-thinking companies build the foundations for healthy culture and organizational success by building a community of belonging and trust.

Loom for Companies is a recurring annual program that includes:

  • Company-wide monthly interactive presentations based around our 6 community practices
  • Monthly small group cohort meetings of 6-8 people, including facilitator training from Loom
  • Invitations to our digital platform which enables ongoing connection, sharing, and engagement
  • Access to our expert program series including live workshops, courses, and Q&A sessions with recognized experts and thought leaders

If you’re interested in learning more about the Loom for Organizations program, please fill out a brief questionnaire and schedule a time to meet with a member of our team:

Loom, for Leadership Teams

We also offer a similar program designed specifically for leadership teams within an organization. If you’re interested in learning more about this program, please fill out this questionnaire and schedule a time to meet with a member of our team: